Need To Access Your Data At Crush Depth? Talk To Patriot!

Patriot Memory has been showing off a fancy USB drive in their Xporter range, which can reach water depths of 200 metres and still keep your data in one, uncompressed piece.

It's also ruddy fast, we're told, at 200x speed. Patriot showed us the 4 GB version, and you can get it in 512 MB to 8 GB. Of course finding a notebook to transfer your data to at 200 metres might be another story.

Back to Patriot's bread and butter, in the RAM business they've been showing off their XBL series memory. Patriot is offering up its memory in three flavours to suit your particular fancies: Either get the +XBL, with "extreme" bandwidth and latency for overclocking, the +LL for those who prefer latency to bandwidth in overclocking; and the +EL, or eased latency budget range.

The high of the high end stuff is the PC2-8000, which has a clock speed of 1000 MHz DDR and 4-4-4-12 timings at 1 GHz, and you can get kits in 1 GB (2x 512 MB) or 2 GB (2x 1 GB). Meanwhile MSI is showcasing their new AMD AM2 motherboards using the new Patriot memory.

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