Gartner Says PC Will "Cease to be Important Game Platform"

By the end of this year, the global games industry is expected to top $93 billion in revenue according to the Gartner research firm – a new record. It's a truly staggering figure and it dwarfs Hollywood's $10.8 billion in box office revenues and $32 billion from television royalty fees. The firm also predicts growth by $8 billion in 2014 and almost $10 billion to $111 billion in 2015. Predicted sales of mobile games are also expected to jump from $9.3 billion in 2012 to $22 billion in 2015.

Dedicated handheld devices are projected to decline by almost 33 percent over the next two years, and along with it PC games will "play a smaller role in the game market and cease to be important game platforms."

While Gartner is one of the biggest tech researchers around, its claim about PC games seems a bit off. Multiple other sources suggest that PC is the new top dog when it comes to actual market share.

With the growing influence of Steam and Good Old Games, it's hard to imagine consoles growing that much faster than PCs, but only time will tell.

  • makaveli316
    I say Gartner are idiots....
  • spectrewind
    PC gaming industry says Gartner will "Cease to be Important" about anything.

  • Krisk7
    Boring .... everytning will be PC at some point in the future :P
  • And this is total bullshit ;)
  • ohim
    This is funny because actual consoles are actually PC`s at base with custom OS....
  • tomfreak
    Gabe from valves , Jen-Hsun from Nvidia, Rory Read from AMD disagree that.
  • rwinches
    Gartner is and always was useless.
    I have read numerous Gartner docs and they are non-actionable crap.
  • rolandzhang3
    Haha funny joke
  • heero yuy
    i think this stems from a company that knows nothing about gaming
    yes there are many many more console gamers compared to pc gamers because consoles are easier (buy console plug console in put game into console and play (more modern consoles you have to install to HDD) and they are cheaper in the short term (in the long run pc gaming is much cheaper than console gaming thanks to pc games just being cheaper things like the humble bundle and of course praise be to gaben - steam sales)
  • OldSchool84
    Lets just forget about the fact that PC's ALWAYS have the best hardware available to them. Lets forget that PC's are the most upgradable. Lets also forget that PC's run a million other programs perfectly and yet still be the best gaming platform. PC sales may rise or drop but you CAN'T take away their massive strengths compared to consoles just because you "predict" that sales will drop. New consoles come out and take the lime light off the PC but it never makes the PC irrelevant. People like Gartner say things like this to get publicity and now he has it. I would just leave it alone so that more people do not hear his name. Lets make him irrelevant.