Go RGB For Cheap With Phanteks' Halo, Halo Lux RGB Fan Frames

Phanteks’ new Halos and Halos Lux RGB fan frames are designed to be a simple way to add full RGB functionality to any standard non-RGB fan. Instead of replacing every fan in your system, these fan frames can be added to your existing case fans. Instant RGB.

The Halos series of fan frames come in 120mm and 140mm sizes and are made of plastic. They have high-density LEDs embedded into the lining of the frame surrounding the fan opening. The LEDs shine directly onto the fan blades, giving off a bright ambient glow.

The Halos Lux series of fan frames also come in 120mm and 140mm sizes but, unlike its plastic counterpart, these frames are precision milled from a single block of aluminum and come with an anodized black or polished aluminum finish.   

The Halos and Halos Lux RGB fan frames are compatible with MSI's Mystic Light Sync, Asus Aura Sync, and Gigabyte's RGB Fusion lighting using Phanteks' optional RGB LED adapter.

The obvious benefit of standalone RGB fan frames such as these are the ability to add RGB lighting to your favorite high performance fans and cases that were not originally equipped with RGB functionality. The not so obvious features include the option of adding one or more RGB fan frames to your CPU cooler, radiators, all-in-one coolers, and the like. System builders will also appreciate the option of adding RGB lighting to the exhaust side of a fan. You can even combine or stack the fan frames for truly custom lighting effects.

Phanteks’ new Halos and Halos Lux RGB fan frames could possibly even save you money on a new system build. Savvy enthusiasts could opt for a less expensive non-RGB version of their favorite chassis or all-in-one cooler, add a couple Halos fan frames, and end up with a budget-friendly, RGB-enabled system.

The 120mm and 140mm Halos fan frames are available now for $10, and the Halos Lux RGB 120mm and 140mm frames retail for $18 and $20, respectively.   

  • Allen_7
    should make a frame to cover the yellowish-brown part of nocuta fan
  • zippyzion

    Actually, I like the RGB craze. I'm just attracted to things that light up. Flashlights were the coolest thing when I was a little kid. Then LEDs, laser pointers, cold cathodes, and anything else that made light. So, this RGB craze is right up my alley. The next system I build will literally be RGB everything I can lay my hands on, and this is a contender. I'm just going to light my empty fan slots with em. It's gonna be awesome.
  • grimfox
    20049119 said:

    Actually, I like the RGB craze.

    You should look at integrating light strip RGB lighting. Modding a light strip like the one linked below would be far more cost effective (even after modding the barrel jack into the power supply) and provide an obscene amount of colored light.


    I own this strip lighting it is incredibly bright, and for the same cost as one of these fan frames, will provide so much more light.