Today's Pi Cast: A BMO Robot That Manages Your 3D Prints!

Geeky Faye Joins the Pi Cast
(Image credit: Geeky Faye)

Whether you own one of the best 3D printers or one that's just ok, using Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi is a great way to monitor its progress and prevent problems. But why just go with a plain, vanilla Raspberry Pi when you can use one that looks and acts like the BMO robot from Adventure Time?

Renowned Maker and Artist Geeky Faye is working on a project that puts BMO in charge of their 3D printers and joins us live on the Tom's Hardware Pi Cast today at 2:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm UK time to explain how it all works. Geeky Faye (aka Allie) runs a popular YouTube channel where they show how to do everything from creating multi-color 3D prints to choosing the right filament.

We've embedded the live stream of the Pi Cast below and, if you're reading this after the show has ended, you can also watch it here. However, if you catch us live on YouTube or Facebook, we'll be taking your questions from the chat room.

This week, we'll also be talking about a new RISC V board and an IOT-focused OS called WebThings.

The Tom's Hardware Pi Cast is our weekly live stream show that's dedicated to all things Raspberry Pi. We air live on Tuesday's at 2:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm UK time on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. 

You can see a complete archive of all of our episodes on our YouTube playlist. Past higlights include our Q&A with Raspberry Pi Founder Eben Upton, and talks with SparkFun Founder Nathan Seidle and Adafruit's Limor "Ladyada" Fried.

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