Plextor intros shock-resistant portable hard drives

Plextor has released two "shock-proof" portable 2.5" hard-drives. The new PX-SP line of drives come with a silicone jacket that can absorb most accidental bumps and drops, the manufacturer claims. Both drives spin their platters at 5400 rpm and are available with a capacity of 80 and 120 GB.

The drives measure 3.33" wide by 5.51" long and weigh less than eight ounces, according to Plextor. Both drives come with a USB 2.0 port and are compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers. Plextor hasn't specified how much of a "shock" the drives can take, but a company representative told TG Daily that the devices should withstand everyday drops and accidental bumps.

The new drives will be shipping in May for $170 (80 GB) and $260 (120 GB)