PNY Releases Quadro FX 5600 SDI Card With 1.5 GB Of Video Memory

PNI has a new flagship workstation graphics card in its SDI series, which, according to the company, up is "seen all over NAB 2008".

NAB 2008 has opened earlier today in Las Vegas as the key conference for the broadcasting industry. And yes, Nvidia, AMD and Intel are there, but we have to acknowledge that AMD and Intel take the second and the third spot in visualization technologies for the broadcasting industry. Quadro SDI is the facto a standard in the world of HD - and if you watch any of US sports channels, there is 99% chance that all those fancy effects have been glued together in real-time using Quadro SDI cards.

PNY's new Quadro FX 5600 HD-SDI card includes 1.5 GB of memory with a and memory bandwidth of up to 76.8 GB/sec. A single dual link DVI-I output supports resolutions of up to 3840 x 2400 at 24Hz. The power consumption of the card tops out at 171 watts.

It isn't a card you would want for your home computer, but in case you are interested anyway, here is the price: $6962. The 4600 SDI model is currently offered for $6361.