Portal 2 Played on Intel HD With Motion Control

We got to see some of the newest technology at CES, and for many of us we like to see how the bleeding edge can better entertain us.

Intel's Sandy Bridge-based Core processors are the latest thing from the largest chipmaker in the world, and its integrated graphics are the best from the company yet. It won't erase the need for a dedicated GPU just yet, but it's got some 3D muscle.

At CES, Intel was demonstrating at its booth Valve's Portal 2 running on Intel HD graphics. Even more interesting was that instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse, or even a gamepad, Razer's Hydra Sixense controller was used to control the game. It may not appear to be the best choice for action intense games like Call of Duty, but it seems to work decently well for Portal 2.

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  • mikem_90
    nOW yOu'RE pLAyiNG a SLidEshOW oF PorTaLs....
  • amk09
    Just trying to help, you may want to consider revising this sentence in the 2nd paragraph.

    "It won't take erase the need for a dedicated GPU just yet, but it's got some 3D muscle."

    Also, thats pretty interesting how the game is running on Intel HD.
  • darkchazz
    The frame rate seems lower than 60....
    It's the source engine anyways , nothing special.