PowerColor debuts X1650 XT graphics card

Taipei (Taiwan) - Graphics card supplier TUL Corporation today announced the PowerColor X1650 XT graphics processing unit (GPU). According to the company, it is the second GPU to be manufactured at 80nm fabrication process and to feature CrossFire Bridge Interconnect technology. It will be available in both a PCI-E and AGP versions.

The X1650 XT clocks in a 600 MHz, with 700 MHz memory. The board has 256 MB DDR3 RAM and 24 pixel processors. It is Windows Vista ready and also has compatibility with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

Other features include simultaneous anti-aliasing with HDR and H.264 playback with ATI's Avivo technology. At $150 and $170 for the PCI-E and AGP versions, respectively, they are priced on the low end of the GPU scale but offer high value, says TUL.

"The PowerColor X1650 XT is another prime example of how the leading technological advancements from the ultra high-end VGA cards quickly trickle down to main-stream cards." says Ted Chen, TUL's CEO.