Latest 'Prey' Footage Shows Off The Talos I Space Station

In the past, we learned about multiple aspects of Prey, from protagonist Morgan Yu to the terrifying Typhon aliens. Now the latest video for the game focuses on the setting for the game — the isolated station called Talos I.

Because the space station is owned by the TranStar Corporation, a private company, it spared no expense in making the interiors as attractive as possible to potential employees. As if the idea of working in outer space wasn’t enough, a majority of the interior areas are lined with gold, marble, and wood to give the station a more luxurious look. There’s even a small greenhouse within the station that features a house that looks like it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

As you continue to track down the source of the Typhon threat, you’ll also explore the restricted areas of the space station that don't look as nice as the main work areas, with their monochromatic hallways and exposed wires. However, this underbelly also plays host to the laboratories that hold some secrets about the Typhons.

It wouldn’t be a space-based game without some zero-gravity exploration, so you’ll have to navigate a potentially nausea-inducing hallway. Some of these areas also present extra challenges such as Typhon attacks, a limited oxygen supply, and exploding items. In the later stages of the game, you’ll be able to go outside the station and float around in space. You can also use this method to go back to visit any previously explored areas, some of which will have a different appearance based on your actions.

You’ll be able to explore the Talos I station for yourself when the game comes out on May 5. If you’re playing on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’ll be able to play the first hour of gameplay with a demo on April 27.

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