PS4 Update 4.00 Out Today, Includes HDR And Data Transfer Via LAN

Last month, Sony dished out the details of its upcoming PlayStation 4 system software update version 4.00, codenamed “Shingen.” Today, the update is available for PS4 owners to download. The update also includes the addition of high-dynamic range (HDR) for all PS4 variants, in addition to upcoming features for the PS4 Pro.

HDR And PS4 Pro Additions

Last week, Sony revealed a slimmer version of the PS4 as well as the new PS4 Pro. The latter console allows for 4K gaming as well as HDR, which increases the range between lights and darks in games. With the Shingen update, though, all PS4 owners can check out the new HDR options in the Video Output Settings section. However, you’ll need an HDR-capable TV in order to use the new feature.

The update also comes with features for the as-yet unreleased PS4 Pro, specifically in regards to streaming content. When you get your PS4 Pro in November, you’ll be able to stream content at 1080p via the Remote Play and Share Play functions. You can also use Twitch and YouTube to stream 1080p content from the console. However, Twitch reduced the stream framerate to 30 frames per second (fps). For YouTube, you can toggle between 30 and 60fps.

Improved Looks

Beta testers already saw some of the new features of the Shingen update, including the ability to create folders as well as the improved Quick Menu screen. However, there were some additions that weren’t available until now. This includes the new Activity Feed, so that you can clearly see what your online friends are up to on their PS4s.

The Content Info screen was also improved so that you can easily access your trophies for each game, check for additional content on the PlayStation Store, or to see how many people are playing the same game. If you like to listen to music while playing, the company made some upgrades to the Music section of the Quick Menu screen so that you can control the Spotify app without leaving the game.

Ready To Transfer

In light of last week’s new PS4 consoles reveal, Sony also added a feature that would allow you to transfer data from one PS4 console to another via a wired LAN connection. This includes user info, save data, and of course, your installed games.

The new data transfer is also Sony’s way of setting up the foundation for the launch of its two new consoles. The slimmer PS4 arrives later this week, and those who want the smaller form factor will have an easier time moving data from one console to another with the LAN connection. Obviously, the same data transfer feature also works on the PS4 Pro so that you can upgrade your console without any hassles.

  • rantoc
    Wow you can create folders and send files through lan... amazing what you can do with a console nowadays :)
  • captaincharisma
    the new update is ok. i like that they finally let you organize with folders like what the PS3 was able to do when it first came out. i like how they integrated spotify more into the system. the only thing i'm not digging is the new notifications with a white background with a grey bar. hopefully they will add a feature down the road to let you change the colour
  • spectrewind
    18593866 said:
    Wow you can create folders and send files through lan... amazing what you can do with a console nowadays :)

    Yep... Congrats to the Sony PS4 in 2016 for achieving the the capacity of Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.