Supergiant Games Reveals 'Pyre,' A Party-Based RPG

Supergiant Games, the team behind the hit indie games Bastion and Transistor just revealed a new project. It’s called Pyre, and the developers described it as a “party-based, role playing game.”

The game’s setting is called the Downside, and it’s filled with various group of exiles. You are rescued by one of these groups and learn about a tournament called the Rites. Exiles who complete the Rites can leave Downside and return home, free of their sins. Along the way, you’ll meet other exiles and learn about their stories. You’ll also use the group’s blackwagon, which serves as your base of operations.

You’ll have to wait a while until Pyre comes out — it's not coming until 2017 — but those attending PAX East this weekend will have a chance to play an early version of the game at the show. Just like Transistor, Pyre will be available on Steam and the PlayStation 4 at launch.

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  • shoe59
    Can't wait! Excited for the new content from Supergiant. I loved Transistor, but it's such a short game...