Tom’s Hardware Q4 2015 System Builder Marathon: The Winners

We ended 2015 with the release of our fourth quarter System Builder Marathon. This time around, the team increased its spending budget to give each system a performance boost. With the builds finished and benchmarked, it’s time to declare the winners of each system.

  • The LAN Box PC goes to James Rickles of Eureka, Missouri.
  • The AMD LAN Box PC winner is Aaron Alexander of Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • The Prosumer PC build’s new owner is Gabriel Laramay of Madrid, New York.
  • The Gaming PC system winner is Dallas Thorne from Kansas City, Missouri.

The specifics for each build are available in the links above. As always, we’ll have another System Builder Marathon in the coming months with another chance to obtain one of the builds. Congratulations again to the current winners!

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  • DookieDraws
    Congrats, guys! Enjoy those awesome builds!
  • gilbadon
    You spelled my name wrong 4 times. Please re-address all of those to Gilbadon as I was the true winner.
  • Nurselord
    I particularly want to thank Eric for spending that extra $1 on the PSU, awesome bonus to me!

    I read the SBMs religiously, and learned most of the best value build tricks I know from you guys (I always build for value, because I'm a cheap b@$^@^%...).

    Incredibly awesome to win one of your builds!
  • problematiq
    Us Missourians know our gaming rigs.
  • mamasan2000
    I would not want to build anything in the Prosumer case. Read the reviews. What a nightmare. Might as well pile the components on a carpet.
  • Nurselord
    The waiting is the hardest part!