QOTD: Do You Take Your PC to LAN Parties?

We here at Tom's Hardware have been playing games for a really long time. Long before graphics was considered "graphics," we were already gaming.

It's amazing how technology has progressed in the last 25 years. These days, we don't have to leave our house to do anything. We can order milk from an online retailer--and probably toilet paper too. The Internet and all of its social mediums are changing the way we communicate. No longer do we have to do things face to face.

Or do we? I'd like to think there's always a really good side to communicating in front of someone. There's just a whole lot that you cannot communicate by words alone. A facial expression, a subtle movement of the hand or eyebrows--the list goes on. That being said:

The question of the day is: Do you take your PC to LAN parties?

  • tayb
    No. I take my Xbox 360 to LAN parties or I get together online and play together with the PC. Too much stuff. If I had a legitimate gaming laptop it wouldn't be a burden.
  • akoegle
    Slow news day huh?
  • Absolutely! I just hosted a LAN party at my house on Saturday. There is nothing like the having all the gamers in the same room.
  • Cache
    I've got a full tower Thermaltake Armor+ loaded down with stuff. I'm terrified it will someday cave in the floor and kill my downstairs neighbors. The thought of moving it anywhere is... well, terrifying. Unless I could rig a moon rover kind of dolly for it, that would be very fun.
  • definitely. either my desktop, monitor and the rest of my garb or just the laptop. depending on how bad i feel like pwing my friends.
  • kyeana
    i have a spare cables, a mouse, and a keyboard all laid out for it so i dont have to mess with my wiring every time :)
  • computabug
    Nope never even seen a LAN party lol yea I'm lame XD are we supposed to like bring our own monitor/keyboard/mouse/CAT cables and everything? How about a UPS?
  • outacontrolpimp
    akoegleSlow news day huh?

    thats what i was thinking
  • Sushi Warrior
    I don't go to true LANs, but I bring my PC to my friend's almost every weekend and we play together online w/other people. I just can't get enough people to play with just the people there.
  • jaoreill
    used to take the mid tower and crt to the party. Now i got gateway fx laptop, and nobody has lans round me anymore. Still good to be portable, to an extent.