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id Software Reveals 'Quake Champions'

We’re getting another Quake game. Bethesda kicked off its E3 event last night with a short trailer for Quake Champions that featured the fast-paced, brutal combat that made the series so popular.

The game is developed by id Software, with help from Saber Interactive. In addition to revealing the trailer, the developer mentioned that you’ll be able to play the new game at 120 Hz and that it will have unlocked frame rates. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t provide any more details about the upcoming game.

Appropriately enough, we’ll hear about the title at Quakecon in two months. The convention that bears the game’s name is the perfect venue for the developers to talk about the game as well as present an early demo to the franchise’s biggest fans.

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  • 0InVader0
    Looks like the Quake series will have it's own Unreal Tournament 3.

    Mind you, I actually liked UT3 a lot, but it really didn't do well.
  • dstarr3
    I was really hoping for a single-player Quake. Along the lines of the first one, with all the Lovecraftian business. The idea of a new Quake like that really excited me. But, instead, it's just Quake III Arena 2. Which... is fine if you like multiplayer-only shooters. But I don't.
  • junkeymonkey
    sad part is its not id its Bethesda and just playing on id's good name '' Bethesda Softworks has acquired id Software''

    so I see another steam crap game not a true id game
  • Vertigo_1
    Quake 3 Arena, for the longest time, was my favorite game of all time. That's actually shifted to Doom 4 now, though depending on how Quake Champions goes it could be that. :D
  • junkeymonkey
    ''Quake 3 Arena'' them days are gone and all them maps like 1000's of them to choose from and play you will never see that ever again with a game

    the old skyhook and railgun trick