Quake Live Now on Linux and Mac OS X

Those of you who loved Quake III Arena but prefer to run on Apple or Linux boxes will now finally get to take part in the Quake Live online browser game.

Unlike Quake III Arena, and most other PC games, Quake Live requires no manual install other than just accepting a browser plug-in. Amazingly, nearly the complete experience is replicated right through the web browser.

Now Quake Live is playable on Macs through Safari (id Software says that a bug in Firefox has the Mozilla browser unable to play Quake Live for now, but should be fixed shortly) and Linux browsers.

For those of you already playing Quake Live on your Windows boxes, these are the other changes part of the new version:

  • Leaderboards are once again online.
  • Increased the maximum allowable size of a personal config file from 16KB to 64KB.
  • Fixed an issue where players could lose their key binds after rebinding Mouse 1.
  • Added Instagib CTF servers.

Check out Quake Live here.

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  • Impulse Fire911
    lol welcome to gaming i see that the graphics suck.. im assuming that's a mac
  • nukemaster
    Quake Live is a OpenGL game(it still installs, its just in the form of a plugin). It looks the same on all operating systems.

    The lower graphics allows it to run on almost anything.
  • dro524
    It's called Quake III, idiot. It's a 10 year old game.