'Quantum Break' Coming To Steam, Gets Physical Version, Too

Quantum Break, the latest title from Remedy Entertainment, made its debut on the Xbox One and PC (via the Windows Store) back in April. However, Microsoft wants to expand the game’s fan base on PC with a physical retail version of the game, in addition to a release on Steam.

When the PC version came out, it was plagued with performance issues. The developers released updates over the past few months that repaired most of the problems. Those improvements are included in the retail and Steam versions of Quantum Break.

The physical copy is actually called Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition, and it’s published by Nordic Games, which also worked on the PC version of Alan Wake, another Remedy title. In addition to “premium packaging,” the bundle includes a “Making Of” Blu-ray disc and book, the soundtrack, two posters and a quick-start guide. As for the game itself, it comes on five discs, and you’ll need to verify ownership with the included Steam key.

The Steam version and the Timeless Collector’s Edition arrive next month on September 14 for $39.99.

NameQuantum Break
DeveloperRemedy Entertainment
PublisherMicrosoft Studios
PlatformsPC, Xbox One
Where To Buy
Release DateApril 5, 2016
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  • wifiburger
    windows store = garbage
    now they need money so their releasing it on other stores yeah no thanks microsoft
  • megajynx
    Dear MS (assuming you made the call), thank you for realizing people might want to buy content outside of UWP.

    ... Would I be pushing my luck if I hope Sunset Overdrive somehow magically appears on Steam someday?
  • Windows 10 and Store are epic failure, so i am not surprised by this. A game should be on Steam from day one.