Raspberry Pi Found Inside 'Tons of Tickets' Arcade Cabinet

Tons of Tickets
(Image credit: Hedgehawk)

It's not every day you spot a Raspberry Pi in the wild! We're definitely biased towards the Raspberry Pi—we even have a podcast dedicated to it known as The Pi Cast (catch us every Tuesday at 2:30pm EST/ 7:30pm GMT). So when we saw this arcade cabinet using a Pi in a post shared by user Hedgehawk on Reddit, we knew we had to feature it.

Hedgehawk works as an arcade technician and frequently encounters a variety of retro hardware and cabinets in need of maintenance and repair. While recently working on a Tons of Tickets cabinet, he discovered a Raspberry Pi controlling the internal display.

Tons of Tickets

(Image credit: Hedgehawk)

The Tons of Tickets game was created by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (frequently referred to as just ICE in the arcade community). You can find Tons of Tickets hardware schematics on the ICE website that show exactly how it's integrated.

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment Tons of Tickets

(Image credit: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment)

The game does not run off the Pi, but rather its own main board. The Pi is used to run the display and interface with an RFID receiver.

Check out the original thread on Reddit if you want to see more about this project. Hedgehawk provides more details and few pictures via Imgur. We share the best Raspberry Pi projects we can find all week long, so be sure to check back here for more cool Pi creations.

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