The Pi Cast Celebrates 100 Episodes with Rpilocator Creator

The Pi Cast Episode 100
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If you’re a fan of the Raspberry Pi, you really should check out the official Tom’s Hardware’s Raspberry Pi-themed show—The Pi Cast. The show airs every Tuesday at 2pm EST / 7pm BST and features a myriad of Raspberry Pi news, projects, tutorials and special guests. We’ve got plenty of episodes to explore and this week we’re airing episode number 100!

With 100 episodes under our belt, this new milestone marks for a great catalog of content to inspire makers both amateur and professional alike. We feature tons of cool Raspberry Pi projects and makers just like you to show off how they pulled off their incredible creations. You can find previous episodes on the Pi Cast playlist at the official Tom’s Hardware YouTube channel.

The Pi Cast Episode 100: Rpilocator

For our 100th episode, we’re excited to have André Costa join us as our special guest. Costa is the mastermind behind Rpilocator. If you’ve been itching to find a Pi but struggled because of supply chain disruptions, odds are you’ve come across his website which scours many popular resellers for stock across the world.

Costa is our latest guest but we’ve had tons of brilliant minds join us in the past including Eben Upton in our first episode and Raspberry Pi co-founder Pete Lomas. If you want to check out the 100th episode special, be sure to tune in this Tuesday September 20 at 2pm EST, 7pm BST.

Our Favorite Projects 

Since The Pi Cast launched in mid 2020, we've covered a heap of The Best Pi Projects and we have dug through the archives and found five of the best. From doors that unlock using your face, to retro Pi-powered computers, we have covered them all and we shall be talking about them all on the 100th episode.

Tiny Raspberry Pi CNC Drawing Machine

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Pheux9558)

Recycling an old floppy drive and parts from an old CD drive, this maker made a tiny Pi-powered CNC drawing machine. It can create perfect images every time on a super small scale. The Pi works with an Arduino to drive a pen holder around to create custom images on demand.

Raspberry Pi Typewriter Works as Linux Terminal

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Riley, Artillect)

Using an old Brother AX-25 typewriter, maker Riley from Artillect has created a working Linux terminal. It's powered by a Pi that processes the user input and prints out the terminal responses on the typewriter in real time.

Raspberry Pi Apple Hack

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Dave Luna)

Maker Dave Luna has placed a Pi inside of an old Macintosh Classic II. The screen is an e-Ink display from Waveshare while the external peripherals are all original Apple hardware from 1991. In a unique twist, Luna is using a Chromecast to stream images from Google Photos, and a custom Python script to convert the images to resemble the vintage  System 7 operating system. If you want old school computing with a modern twist, this is one hack worth checking out.

Saveitforparts as his head the sky and a Pi in his hands with this project. He's upgraded his Tricorder to detect Starlink satellites using an LNB module from an old satellite dish. Did we mention that this gadget is totally portable?

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Saveitforparts)

Raspberry Pi Unlocks Door with Facial Recognition

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Dillon McCardell)

AuraLock is designed to unlock doors automatically by scanning for preapproved faces. If you don't mind using facial recognition to control your door lock, then this project may be for you. It's powered by a Raspberry Pi and even has an accompanying smartphone app to help manage it.

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