Raspberry Pi Pico PCB Manages Temperature Sensor

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: David Boothe)

The Raspberry Pi has been a staple in DIY home automation for years, but the Raspberry Pi Pico is quickly catching up. This stylish Pico PCB comes to us from a maker named David Booth who designed it to handle input from a temperature sensor.

The module is capable of connecting to a network thanks to an Airlift WiFi Featherwing board. It's MQTT-enabled, which makes it possible to access and utilize the temperature data in real-time. The best Raspberry Pi projects have a little visual flair and Boothe's project sports a Pimoroni display with the current temperature information.

According to Boothe, it was designed using the open-source application KiCad and intentionally has no ground plane because of WiFi signal issues. Once he was satisfied with the design, the schematics were sent over to JLCPCB to fabricate a few boards.

The project was designed with home automation in mind and is intended to be a part of Boothe's home automation hub. If you'd like to get a closer look at this board design, check out the original thread on Twitter.

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