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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Cluster Stacks Four Boards

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Ivan Kuleshov)

Raspberry Pi clusters are a fun way to experiment without investing in full-sized equipment. But why make a cluster with a regular Pi when you could take things even smaller with a Pi Zero? That’s exactly what maker Ivan Kuleshov has done with this impressive Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W cluster project.

The project relies on a Cluster HAT and Raspberry Pi 4 with 3GB of RAM. If that caught your attention, it should—the Pi 4 doesn’t come with a 3GB edition. This is a custom mod from Kuleshov who apparently removed the original 8GB RAM module from the Pi 4 and soldered it to a CM4.

Kuleshov explained that the Pi Zero 2 W boards are connected via a USB socket. Software-wise, he’s experimenting with a system called OpenFaaS. This is a serverless tool that lets users manage things like Python functions across clusters.

Perhaps the most glaring question about this project is, what’s it for? Use cases for a Pi Zero 2 W cluster are admittedly limited, but the best Raspberry Pi projects are the ones you can make, not necessarily should make. So when asked what the purpose of the project was, Kuleshove responded, “For contemplation.”

To get a closer look at this creation, check out the original thread shared on Twitter and be sure to follow Kuleshov for more cool creations.