Razer Announces 'Levelled Up' Naga Mouse for MMO Gamers

Razer has announced the return of the Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse. The mouse has been updated with an anti-slip, anti-fingerprint matte finish and three interchangeable side panels for a more ergonomic gaming experience. The mouse still retains its 12-button thumb grid that is built for the MMO player. The buttons over the top of the gaming mouse have been repositioned for much easier actuation. The three interchangeable side panels have been provided to let end-users personally customize the shape of the Razer Naga to fit their hand and play-style, claw-grip or palm-grip.


  • 17 MMO-optimized buttons (including 12-button thumb grid)
  • 3 interchangeable side panels
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time
  • 200 inches per second max tracking speed
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet

The upgraded Razer Naga is now available at RazerStore for U.S. and Europe now. It will be available worldwide by the end of Q2 2012. The new addition of the Razer Naga will be available for $79.99 dollars.

  • Wave Fusion
    I've found there are many different MMO playing styles.
    Some people use WASD to move, others may use arrow keys; while some offload both movement and bindings to the mouse. Sometimes people can use ctrl + number combos, (or shift + number).

    I've even seen some people who click on the little attack icons.

    As a notebook gamer, the touchpad is never far from the keyboard, so its easier to use that sometimes than take my right hand completely off the board to use the external mouse.

    I think your mileage with these kinds of mice vary from person to person. I'd certainly like an easy way to use buffs when I die, for example.. but $80 doesn't really appeal to many players.

    Most computers with right-side number pads have an abundance of keys. I don't personally gain enough to warrant the investment; but IF I had one, its undoubtedly a good mouse.
  • Chainzsaw
    I have this mouse. Great mouse so far. I like the ability to change between wireless and wired mode.

    Actually this one looks like the regular corded one, however it still should be great.

    I re-mapped my #1 and #4 buttons for forward/back operations which is very nice, as it doesn't have "dedicated" back and forward buttons.
  • ibaou1003
  • XZaapryca
    After buying my Naga for use in WoW, I couldn't see playing without it.
  • -Jackson
    It's about time they made something other than blue..
    Not hating, I love Razer, I personally own a DeathAdder and Lycosa myself, but I just don't understand why nearly all their products are blue, seeing as how they're represented by green and black.
  • fulle

    I'm somewhat astonished by how badly some gamers are "doing it wrong" when it comes to their controls... certainly you're right that there are some players who may use a trackpad, or manually click the spell icons, or... use their toes, or face, or other ridiculous ineffective control methods.... but, for people that are serious about their gaming peripherals, and want a good, effective, way to control champions in an MMO or MOBA, the Naga is a pretty darn good mouse.
    I like the interchangeable sides. Gives you options for comfort
  • syrious1
    I picked up an M90 from corsair, the buttons were much more difficult to setup and do not change easily with different games, over all I regret not buying the razer..
  • TheBigTroll
    are the buttons on the side good for math calcualtions?
  • Chainzsaw
    are the buttons on the side good for math calcualtions?

    If you mean using the buttons like a "keypad" yes, 1=1 , 2=2, etc.