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New Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Is Water- And Dust-Proof

The new Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is now IP54 certified, which means that the keyboard is resistant to spills from water and problems from dust particles.

If two is a coincidence and three a trend, then the existence of both this keyboard and the Corsair K68, which features an IP32 rating, is indeed a coincidence. We need just one more major vendor to debut a flagship water- and dust-proof keyboard to make it a trend.

The first digit in an IP rating covers dust protection, and the second number refers to water protection. The higher the number, the better the rating. In this case, the number 5 means that the keyboard is protected against dust (6 being the highest number). The number 4 means that the keyboard is protected against water splashed from all directions (8 being the highest number). When you’re snacking away at your desk while playing the latest titles, this keyboard won’t be bothered by an accidental crumb or drink falling between the keys.

The BlackWidow Ultimate also includes individually backlit keys in Razer’s favorite color: green. You’ll be able to configure the backlighting effects and profiles using Razer’s Synapse software. A number of lively effects are available to pick from including Wave, Ripple, Reactive, Starlight, and more.

Like last year’s BlackWidow Ultimate, this version is available only with Razer’s clicky Green switches.

Pricing will remain the same as last year's model at $109.99 and is available now at There’s no word on whether or not we’ll see a price drop on this BlackWidow Ultimate’s immediate predecessor.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate (2017)
TypeFullsize (104-key)
SwitchRazer Green
Onboard Storage
Media Keys6
Game Mode
Key Rollover10KRO
Polling Rate1,000 Hz
SoftwareRazer Synapse
Dimensions (WxDxH)203 x 153 x 60 mm
Weight0.77 lbs (0.348kg)