Use Razer's Comms Chat Client For Twitch Stream Notifications

Razer's Comms service has been available since April 2013, and the company has slowly been adding features to it in order to attract more and more gamers. Now, Razer is introducing a new feature: the live stream viewer.

Razer Comms is an all-in-one gaming-oriented chat client that does a lot more than just enable chatting with your friends. It offers a fancy overlay for convenient access to the chat client while in-game, and it even has a client for Android phones. This Android client can be linked with your PC installation, and it will then forward calls and messages to your PC so that you don't have to miss those while in-game.

The new feature, the live stream viewer, does exactly what you would think. It integrates live streams into the comms client, allowing you to watch them more conveniently. Razer Comms will notify you when a streamer you like starts streaming and even when he or she comes online. You can also use it to conveniently watch streams with friends in closed groups and chat within that group. According to Razer, it will also help users discover new streams.

The new client is available for download from Razer immediately.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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