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Razer's Game Booster Saves Your Game Progress in Cloud

On Thursday, Razer released a new version of its Game Booster software that automatically saves game data and settings to the cloud. Currently in beta, the new Save Game Manager feature will back up more than 2,000 titles to the user's Dropbox or any other cloud service account.

"We continually work to enhance the gaming experience for our Community," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. "There are few things that take the fun out of gaming more than lost game progress or disappearing settings. It is our hope to rid the world of such frustrations and help make sure that losing game info never happens again."

According to the company, Save Game Manager is compatible with games that save progress to the local hard drive. The list of supported games will be continuously updated by Razer's software engineering team as new games are released. However, users can also manually add games, if needed.

Razer's Game Booster is a free software suite that will automatically shut down resource hogs running in the background (applications, processes) before the user jumps into a game, and resume those apps and processes when the user finishes playing. The software also configures and optimizes PC settings, defrags the hard drive, and suggests driver installs when new ones are available.

The free software also provides a Game Launcher, which scans, catalogs and presents all locally installed games in one interface, and should make life extremely convenient for Windows 8 and 8.1 gamers. The software even provides a screenshot feature that takes a snapshot in HD, and records videos of any length without the annoying watermarks. Videos can even be posted to YouTube or Facebook.

To download Razer Game Booster, head here.