Crucial Launches 64GB RealSSD C300 at $149.99

Crucial is rolling out an SSD that it hopes will be able to capture those on the cusp of buying an SSD, but waiting for a lower price. The speedy RealSSD C300, which boasts a sequential 355MB/s read speed, will now have a 64GB baby brother for $149.99.

"The 64GB C300 drive is a natural extension of our award-winning Crucial RealSSD C300 product line. This aggressively priced 64GB C300 drive makes SSD technology more affordable than ever, delivers durability for mobile computing, and makes it a compelling boot drive for desktop PCs," said Robert Wheadon, Lexar Media senior worldwide SSD product manager.

In terms of cost per GB, it's still expensive, but if you're looking for a blazing fast medium for your boot drive and system files, this is one of the most attractive offerings at the moment.

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  • Sabiancym
    I regret buying my 256 SSD. It's faster yes, but it's not that much of a difference in performance if you already have top of the line hardware.

    My boot is faster, but when you have to wait for BIOS anyway it's not that much of a plus.
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  • Onus
    With Windows 7 Ultimate, I've found that 64GB (no more than 60GB usable) isn't quite big enough; it may be for Home Premium, but not Ultimate.
  • Anonymous
    Newegg will probably charge $225 for it.
  • Anonymous
    I think I'll wait till 128mb @ $150 to upgrade. 64GB is too small for Windows 7.