Recent Windows Patches Break DirectX Apps on Intel Graphics

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Microsoft released some Patch Tuesday fixes last November but has only today admitted they have been causing errors with Intel graphics hardware running DirectX or Direct3D applications. The issues were introduced with KB5019980 / KB5019961 for Windows 11 users and KB5019959 for Windows 10 users, notes Neowin. Microsoft’s KB releases target known Windows quirks and wrinkles, yet this isn’t the first time that they have come with their own crop of issues.

The Microsoft-induced DirectX or Direct3D application bugs are described as intermittent, which might be one of the reasons why they persisted for so long without even an official workaround.  Microsoft said, "After installing KB5019980, you might receive an error with apphelp.dll on Windows devices using Intel graphics drivers with versions up to” Additionally, it explained, “This issue might happen intermittently and affects apps which use DirectX or Direct3D to render part or all of their content.” It appears to be the case that apphelp is being an app hindrance.

One of the KB culprits

One of the KB culprits (Image credit: Microsoft)

Looking on the bright side, Microsoft now admits and acknowledges this apphelp.dll bug, and while it says that a resolution will be in an upcoming update, there is a workaround that affected users can try.

Microsoft says the apphelp.dll bug affecting DirectX and Direct3D titles can usually be sidestepped by applying the latest Intel drivers. It recommends users “install an Intel graphics driver with a later version than” That driver was released back in December 2021, so we are pretty sure Intel Arc discrete graphics users aren’t clinging to this outdated software. However, depending on processor generation, some PCs might not offer newer graphics drivers for iGPUs.

On the topic of Intel graphics drivers, we have been pleased to report the sterling progress the new entrant into the PC dGPU market has made in recent weeks/months. Only last week, Intel released a new graphics driver providing a fantastic DX9 performance uplift – targeting an area where the launch driver was very weak.

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    I'm not the only one who saw that "Critical Error" image at the top of the article and heard it in the voice of the turrets from Portal, am I?
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