Via releases Eden-N processor and CN400 chipset in "CoreFusion" package

VIA Technologies announced at the Embedded System Conference in San Francisco its CoreFusion processing platform, which combines the Eden-N processor with Via's CN400 digital media chipset north bridge in a single package.

The x86 Eden processor is available with clock speeds up to 1 GHz and supports streaming and output technologies, such as hardware MPEG-2/-4 decoding acceleration and motion compensation. The package also integrates LVDS output for flat panel displays, DVI for LCD monitors, TV-out and CRT displays.

Via claims that CoreFusion uses up to 15 percent less board space than competing solutions and targets flat panel system designs such as LCD TVs, car entertainment systems, ultra portable notebooks and intelligent displays.

The platform comes with the integrated S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro IGP, offering 2D and 3D AGP 8x graphics core with integrated MPEG-2 decoding and MPEG-4 acceleration, Via said. CoreFusion connects to DDR1 333 or 400 memory and can be coupled with Via's VT8235M, VT8237R or the upcoming VT8251 PCIe south bridges that provide support for digital media features as Fast Ethernet, USB 2.0, ATA-133, Serial ATA, and six-channel surround sound, according to the company. (THG)