Riotoro Returns With New ‘Ghostwriter’ Keyboard, ‘Aurox’ Mouse

In the grand scheme of things, Riotoro is a relatively new brand in the tech space. Last year at Computex was a big debut, and the young outfit is back this year with more gear. On the peripherals side, there’s a new mechanical keyboard and a new mouse.

Ghost In The Keyboard

The Ghostwriter Elite Prism is the company’s new flagship keyboard. It lets you configure the RGB lighting--which likely means that the effects options are limited, although not having to fiddle with software isn’t exactly a bad thing. 

It’s not included in the media images we received, but the Ghostwriter Elite Prism has a detachable magnetic wrist rest. It’s a good thing, too, because the profile of this keyboard looks a mite...ugly...without it. Perhaps it’s prettier in person--we’ll find out later this week in Taiwan.

Riotoro said that the Ghostwriter Elite Prism has a polymer and aluminum chassis; again, judging only by the press renders, it looks to be both shiny and textured.

The keyboard has quick-access media controls, so there are no dedicated buttons, unfortunately, with the exception of a volume roller on the upper right side. There’s also a USB passthrough so you can plug a mouse right into the keyboard.

Riotoro said that the Ghostwriter Elite Prism would come with Cherry MX Red or "Cherry MX Silent switches." It did not elaborate on which Silent switches, but we presume it will be red. (There are multiple versions of the Cherry MX Silent switch.)

The price tag is a bit of a doozy, at $170. That will put it in the company of the highest-priced mechanical gaming keyboards on the market when it lands Q3.

Aurox Prism

The flagship mouse that Riotoro would very much like for you to pair with its flagship keyboard is the Aurox Prism.

Its PixArt PMW3330 optical sensor is capable of 10,000DPI, and has two DPI switchers so you can adjust the DPI on the fly. Like the Ghostwriter Elite Prism, the Aurox Prism sports RGB lighting. Oddly, Riotoro made no mention of how you control the RGB lighting. Clearly, the company isn’t into the whole software thing, so presumably there’s some sort of onboard control method.

The mouse has eight programmable buttons. There are left and right click buttons, the two DPI switchers, a scroll wheel, one button on the right side, two navigation buttons on the left side, and a sniper button by the left thumb rest. (The left click is likely the one from that group that’s not programmable.

It’s coming a little earlier than its keyboard buddy, in June, and it will be available in two colors--black ($50) or white ($55).

Although fifty dollars-plus for a mouse is by no means “budget”-leaning, it’s certainly not as top dollar as the $170 keyboard. Perhaps Riotoro is hoping you’ll buy them as a pair and needed to keep the overall price a little lower.