Rocket Lake-S Equipped Laptops Found in China

Hasee Rocket Lake-S Gaming Laptop
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Even though Intel's Rocket Lake-S processors haven't officially been released, that hasn't stopped a Chinese laptop manufacturer, Hasee, from updating its current laptop offerings with desktop-based Rocket Lake parts and releasing them into the wild.

This is the second time we've seen a company violate Intel's official Rocket Lake launch date - the first was a German e-tailer that sold over a hundred Rocket Lake chips a few days ago.

The laptops in question are the Hasee TX8 and TX9. The TX8 is the cheaper machines with multiple CPU choices including the Core i5-10400, i5-11400, or the Core i7-11700. You also get to choose between an RTX 2060 or the newer RTX 3060.

The TX9 is the flagship of the lineup and features the same CPU options, but boosts the discrete graphics card up to either a vanilla RTX 2070 or an RTX 3070.

Hasee Rocket Lake-S Gaming Laptop

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Theoretically, the biggest benefit of going with a desktop CPU in a notebook chassis is the higher clock speeds gained from the extra power the CPU can consume.

Hasee's choice is especially interesting in that they chose mid-range parts like the Core i5-11400 and i7-11700 which feature a rather low 65W TDP. 65W is a wattage modern mobile CPUs are capable of hitting in thicker notebook chassis with the introduction of more aggressive Turbo Boosting algorithms and configurable TDPs.

The good news is if you want a Rocket Lake chip ahead of launch, you now have another way of getting it, as long as you're prepared to pay international shipping fees.

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