New Rolex Watch Waterproof At 12900 Feet And Fits Over Dive Suit

Marinas Trench (Pacific Ocean) - So let's say you're a diver who just hates having watches break under pressure because you like diving deep, I mean REAL deep. What kind of watch would you buy? The new Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA model of course. This baby is waterproof at 12800 feet and can withstand an incredible 2.98 metric tons of pressure.

The watch face is made of synthetic sapphire crystal. The rest of the watch is fashioned from titanium alloy and 904L steel. Of course the adjustable bracelet (a signature of Rolex watches) can fit over a dive suit.

Divers need to carefully track their times under water and this Rolex watch has a unidirectional dial. Why unidirectional you ask? Well you always want to err on the side of caution and accidentally bumping the dial will rotate it to give you less time under water - going the other way would be a very bad thing.

The ocean is a dark place and the watch glows blue thanks to some top secret luminescent material. There's also a helium gas valve to keep the watch from blowing up upon fast ascents.

Oh and we're just joking about the Marinas Trench. While Rolex claims the watch can go down to 12800 feet, the Marinas Trench has been measured to be almost 36000 feet deep. Of course this is all academic since the deepest human dive has been just over 1000 feet deep.

This watch is so badass that Rolex has made a massive 30+ megabyte downloadable Flash file to show off all the features. You can visit Rolex''s product page here.