Rosewill Shares A Slew Of Gaming, PC And Home Devices At Computex 2015

Rosewill was established in 2004 focusing on IT hardware, PC gaming gear and computer peripherals; recently, the company entered the home appliances market as well. We visited with Rosewill during Computex 2015 in order to check out its new products. Rosewill reps told us the company launched over 50 products this year, so we thought we would share some of the ones that stood out the most for us.

Rosewill Gaming Headphones

In the audio section, Rosewill had three new gaming headphones, the Mark44, Mark48, and the flagship of the line Mark54, with the latest models compatible with Xbox and PS4 consoles. With a starting price of $20 for the entry model, $40 for the mid-level one and $60 for the top of the line model, the headphones seem quite affordable. The launch date for these products is set for Q3 2015.

Rosewill Gaming Keyboard

Among Rosewill's new products was a mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB switches from Kailh. The new Mabelode RGB 100 keyboard features a detachable wrist rest and will come in two versions with blue and brown switches. This is a full size mechanical keyboard with programmable LED lighting with 16 million colors, featuring five lighting levels and six customizable lighting modes.

Another interesting feature of this keyboard is its built-in memory, which can save user profiles. The price of the RGB100 will be around $170 and it will be available in Q4 2015.

Rosewill Gaming Mouse

A new gaming mouse by Rosewill, the RGM-1100, is going to hit the market in a couple of weeks from now at the price of $60. It is equipped with an 8200 dpi sensor and has seven buttons, including two Omron buttons. The bottom part is made of aluminum for less friction and there is also an adjustable weight system, for advanced gamers.

Rosewill Sound System

We also came across Rosewill's SP-7260 2.0 sound system, which has two 30 W RMS, with each speaker featuring a 4-inch woofer and a 1.5-inch tweeter driver. The volume, bass and treble controls are installed on the side of one of the speakers, which is made of wood. According to Rosewill, the bass efficiency of this system is at high levels, making it ideal for gaming and multimedia content in general. Finally, the SP-7260 has two 3.5 mm inputs along with a pair of RCA inputs.   

Rosewill PC Case

The Raptor22 case is named after the fighting jet and has a hidden compartment. With a little push on its lower side, the front cover slides slowly downwards revealing the 3.5-inch bays. This case belongs to the upper category and features a nice finish along with a clean design. All I/O ports are installed at the top of the chassis, and the case supports up to E-ATX sized mainboards. The max VGA length is 300 mm, while the case can take a triple radiator (360 mm) at the top side and a 280 mm long one at the front. This product will be available in Q3 2015.

Rosewill Wireless Camera

Rosewill is also entering the surveillance market with the SHIELDeye (CNC100) wireless IP camera, which offers HD resolution, night vision for up to 16 feet and allows users to set up alarms for motion detection, temperature and humidity levels. An application for smartphones and tablets will support the CNC100, and through it a user will be able to monitor the feeds of multiple compatible cameras.

Rosewill PSUs

When it comes to PSUs, Rosewill had quite a selection of new products to show off. First, we noticed the 750 W and 1200 W Quark units (we'll be reviewing the Quark-1000 PSU in the near future), with Platinum efficiency and a fully modular cabling system. Enhance Electronics is the OEM of the Quark units, so we expect them to perform very well since this OEM is among the best ones. The Quark PSUs are currently available on Newegg.

The digital AIM 1050 W to 1200 W PSUs are made by High Power and they address the high-end category. These units have 80 Plus Platinum efficiency and all of their cables are modular. Contrary to other digital PSU platforms, the AIM units come with a normal size USB socket (type A) on the back, through which they can be connected to a mainboard USB header. The AIM PSUs will be launched in Q4 2015.   

Rosewill has also added a Titanium line called TOKAMAK to its PSU portfolio. The two units in the TOKAMAK line have 1.2 kW and 1.5 kW capacities, are fully modular and will be available in Q4 2015. We didn't have any solid information on the OEM to share with you until we get to see the PSU from the inside, but we suspect High Power is behind it.

Rosewill Home Appliances

The house appliances market is another area that Rosewill is entering with a series of products for the kitchen, bath and home office. Featured household electronics include a new portable ice maker, an air fryer, which allows you to fry without the use of oil, and an electronic scale that connects to your mobile phone through an app. Among its household products we also noticed a quality LED lamp with 9 W energy consumption and an $8 price tag.

Update, 6/10/15, 6am PT: Updated to clarify the OEM of the Rosewill Quark PSU, which is Enhance Electronics and not ATNG.
Update, 6/1/15, 8am PT: Updated to correct the price estimate for the Rosewill RGB100 keyboard, which should be $170 instead of $110.

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Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Gazabi
    Thats one sexy looking PSU, hopefully it performs as good as it looks.
  • Darkbreeze
    ATNG doesn't have a single Tier 1 or 2 unit, How are they "among the best PSU manufacturers"?
  • damric
    ATNG doesn't have a single Tier 1 or 2 unit, How are they "among the best PSU manufacturers"?

    They have had a few good models in the past. The last one I remember was the Rosewill Libertas a few years back.

    I think they have also had some screw-ups too.

    Like most things Rosewill, wait and see what the insides look like in a review to avoid buyers remorse or to scout a gem.

    I'm guessing the CAPSTONE is discontinued. I see very few left in inventory, so sad.
  • Aris_Mp
    Fractal Design's Tesla and Newton R3 are from ATNG along with Rosewill Fortress series. ATNG's Platinum and Gold platforms are very good. Thing is that you don't meet them often.
  • Darkbreeze
    Tesla and Newton are Tier 3. Not recommended for use with gaming rigs or overclocking, just like the Corsair CX, CS, RM and VS series units. That's not great company to be in when talking about "the best PSU manufacturers". I would never, EVER, put ATNG in bed with Seasonic, Super Flower, Delta or even a small handful of others who only have a few really good models, but those models are REALLY good. ATNG doesn't have ANY really GOOD models that I'm familiar with.