Rainbow Versatile Disc - storage for 450 GB

Chicago (IL) - Sainul Abideen from India claims to have found a new way of storing massive amounts on data. Abideen, who recently graduated from the Muslim Educational Society Engineering College, said that his "Rainbow Technology" enables data to be stored on paper or plastic surfaces. Storage media, which he calls Rainbow Versatile Disc or RVD, could exceed the storage densities of Blu-ray or HD DVD media and reach 90 to 450 GB, Arab News reports.

The data is stored in prints of geometric shapes and colors of circles, squares and triangles. According to Araba News, an RVD "looks like a [print] of modern art." Abideen was able to demonstrate the technology with a 45-second video clip that apparently was stored on a piece of paper as well as a 432-page document that was stored on a "four square inch paper."

Abideen has great visions for his technology and believes that RVDs could replace today's disc drives and even sees memory cards using his Rainbow Technology. According to Arab News, he is in negotiations with a UK company to manufacture Rainbow cards.