Samsung Unveils Stylish Gear Fit Watch for Fitness Fanatics

Samsung’s first two versions of the Galaxy Gear 2 are almost identical. The only difference is the fact that one of them doesn’t have a camera and that model is called Gear 2 Neo instead of Gear 2. However, Samsung also announced a brand new fitness band smart watch alongside the Gear 2, and that one is a bit more interesting.


The first difference is that the Gear Fit has a beautiful curved display that fits nicely around the wrist as opposed to sitting squarely on top. This 1.83-inch AMOLED  panel with a 432 x 128 resolution displays the time (the most important feature of any watch) and can also show you data from a built-in heart monitor as well as track sleep and exercise. Like the regular Gear, notifications from your phone will show up on the Gear Fit when you receive texts or emails. Also like the other Gear watches, the watch strap is replaceable, though this might not be as much of an issue for Gear Fit users given the screen is wide enough that you can’t actually see much of the strap at all when looking at your wrist head-on.

Pricing and availability aren’t yet available, but we do know it will be arriving in April.

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