Samsung's Next Big Thing(s): Galaxy Note 4, Curvy Edge Smartphone, Gear VR

So what is Samsung's next Big Thing? That was the description the company tossed around during a press event in New York City on Wednesday. The products revealed were expected save for the next smartwatch (more about that will be revealed later).

Ryan Bidan, Senior Director of Strategy and Operations, Samsung Telecommunications America, introduced the Galaxy Note 4. While we don't have a list of specs as of this writing, the phone has a 16MP camera on the back and a 3.7MP camera on the front. Other features include adaptive fast charging, a better S Pen, and multi-window functionality that allows the user to move and resize windows.

Samsung also announced the curvy Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone. The name derives from the device's unique form factor, which includes a screen curving around on one side. This allows for unique applications and easy navigation thanks to a sidebar, which Bidan said can be customized. One unique application allows the phone to serve as an alarm clock, showing the time on the curved side.

Bidan also briefly talked about the Samsung Gear VR, which uses the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to provide the imagery (will have more on that shortly.

In addition to the gadgets, John Pleasants, Executive Vice President, Samsung Media Solutions Center America, talked about Milk Music, reporting that this service will be pre-loaded on the new phones and will be coming to HDTVs and the Internet shortly. Several members of Maroon 5 paid a visit to support the Samsung's streaming music service.​

Stay tuned for more from Samsung's New York event.

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  • house70
    Looks like an interesting concept (popped up first a couple years ago, but never introduced until now). We'll have to see from a practical stand point how it fares. It's good to see that Samsung still innovates.
  • Jeffrey Barone
    Not that impressed I guess I might just wait for s6