SanDisk Reveals Extreme PRO SSD for all PC enthusiasts

SanDisk launched the Extreme PRO SSD, the latest model in its line of SSDs, at Computex 2014 in Taipei this week. The Extreme Pro SSD is geared toward gamers and PC enthusiasts and is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

The company claims read speeds of up to 550 MB/S, and write speeds of up to 520MB/S. The Extreme PRO SSD uses nCache, a two-tiered caching architecture, to provide the best speeds and endurance regardless of usage demands.

The company also included the new SanDisk SSD Dashboard application for Windows.  It allows for drive performance monitoring, firmware updates, and maintenance to increase the efficiency of the SSD. 

To back this all up, SanDisk has provided a 10 year warranty, which far exceeds any previous SSD and HDD warranties.

There are three models currently available, priced at $189 (240GB), $369 (480GB), and $599 (960GB).

  • mapesdhs
    Given their target market, I'm surprised they think the usual sequential
    read/write speeds will impress anyone (I just ran CDM on an old Vector
    512GB, it does 521MB/sec seq. write no problem, with an AS-SSD
    score of 1091, but then most decent models will be as quick from that
    era onwards, except crippled ones like the M500).

    I'm far more interested in 4K random/read write, as that's the main thing
    which varies across top-end SSDs these days, along of course with
    steady state behaviour, how it handles being filled beyond 50%, etc.


  • SuperVeloce
    It's not m500 that is crippled, but more like 840evo and others using cheap tricks to get better sequential write speeds. Not that it matters much on ssd, but it sells...
    This seems like a nice piece of kit and a ten year warranty to boot!
  • antilycus
    impressive that they keep fitting the space in there.... tough the burn rate keeps getting pretty high ... losing 40gb for burn rate on the 960gb model.
  • milktea
    More interested in idle and nominal operating power, with little weight on peak power. Most new PC designs are getting more and more power conscious. So power consumption is quite important.
  • mapesdhs
    13427904 said:
    It's not m500 that is crippled, ...

    It is IMO (I don't mean deliberately by Crucial, rather it's just poor), eg. the write performance
    of the M500 120GB is terrible, not even half the speed of an old Vector 128GB. The larger
    capacity versions are better, but still not great. The poor write speeds ruled them out as AE
    cache drives fo me. Ok for general stuff I guess, but other models are better.

    milktea, I doubt the relevant target market cares much about power. ;) Such users probably
    have juice-hungry CPUs, GPUs, etc., anyway.


  • hannibal
    Well the x200 keeps its speed very consistantly, so if this is same, this is just fine SSD. Not a killer gismo, but good enough!
  • danwat1234
    I wonder what controller it uses. Interested in 4k performance on the upcoming 3xxx Sandforce drives with SATA 2/SATA 3