Seasonic's New Power Supply Lineup for Sept.

Seasonic, a big maker of power supplies, showed at Computex its 80 PLUS certified Platinum offerings. Arriving in September, its new high-end modular solution in the Platinum series will be available in 860 to 1000 watt versions with 92 percent efficiency at 110V.  For cooling, Seasonic touts its Hybrid Silent Fan Control that works can work in three ways: fanless, silent and cooling.  Both have six PCIe connectors.

For those who don't need the Platinum bling, the company also offers solutions with 80 Plus Gold certification. Two models, between 1250 and 1050 watt, are SLI certified by Nvidia. The 1250 watt model has eight PCIe connectors, while the 1050 watt model has six PCIe connectors. These are also planned for September.

The hush-hush crowd will want to look at two fanless PSUs at 400 and 460 watts.

As for 80 Plus Bronze – Seasonic says that high-quality components have made the bronze level one that is effectively dead.

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  • ikefu
    I think it means they are killing off the 80 plus bronze line of PSUs. They have such easy access to good components now that everything they make will exceed Bronze certification.

    I have a Seasonic X-750 with two Radeon 6850s in crossfire. Best PSU I have ever worked with hands down. Love the silent fan operation and 100% modular cabling.
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  • ChaobSiroc
    "Seasonic says that high-quality components have made the bronze level one that is effectively dead."

    Perhaps you meant to write "dead silent"? Dead PSU's are not good.
  • UmeNNis
    No... I think it meant they aren't going to make Bronze anymore....
  • dread_cthulhu
    Yes... I was somewhat confused by that statement as well...