Chip Makers Hit By Economic Downturn, Forecast Reduced

The number is down from a previous 2.9 percent estimate.

"Although the forecast of 1.2 percent revenue growth in 2011 is just barely positive, an expansion of any magnitude is significant from the standpoint of market psychology," said Dale Ford, senior vice president, electronics market intelligence for IHS. "Given the worsening economic environment and growing pessimism in the electronics supply chain, many market forecasters had projected third-quarter revenues would decline, and pull down the results for the full year of 2011. Even the prospect of marginal growth casts a much more optimistic light on the market performance for the year."

IHS noted that the global semiconductor market gained in Q3 despite "major economic headwinds," which may have saved the industry from overall negative growth for the current year. IHS estimates that Q3 chip sales increased by about 3.5 percent to $78.7 billion year over year. For Q4, IHS expects a 2.0 percent decline to $77.1 billion. 2011 sales are expected to come in at $308.5 billion, up from $304.7 billion in 2010.

According to the market research firm, "many major semiconductor suppliers are projecting fourth-quarter revenue declines that average in the high single digits, "but there are some notable exceptions that have indicated solid growth," which include Intel, Samsung, Renesas, Qualcomm and AMD.

  • dxwarlock
    Am i reading it wrong? or is this an old article..its speaking of predictions of remaining flat for 2010 and forecasting overall growth for 2011, the year we are almost done with..
  • chomlee
    I think you mean "flat over 2012".
  • pwnorbpwnd
    Umm.. Flat over 2012 but 2011 is down from 2011? Am I tripping out?
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    I think they have non english speaking Ewoks doing the editing for this website now. Get your crap together Tomshardware.
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    The editor was busy taking pictures with the models!!!!!
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    ^ What models?? All I see is some CPU. I wanna see some booth babes! :D
  • cookoy
    They're revising the 2011 forecasted annual growth down to 1.2% over 2010 instead of previous 2.9% estimate due to the economic downturn.
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    Who the hell wrote this turd?
  • Haserath
    The article means the revenue in 2011 is going to be nearly the same as 2010...