Silverstone Releases Updated Gemini Series Redundant Power Supplies

Silverstone launched a new set of Gemini redundant power supplies. Gemini power supplies are built with industrial grade components and a high-efficiency design, and Silverstone has included PMBus 1.2 power management within the Gemini design.

Gemini PSU units are available in three different outputs. There is a 400 W+400 W option that is 80 PLUS silver certified, and 500 W+500 W and 600 W+600 W 80 PLUS Gold units are also available. Each one fits into the standard PS/2 power supply frame, allowing a Gemini unit to be installed in just about any computer case.

Within the PS/2 frame you'll find two 150 x 85 x 180 mm (WxHxD) redundant power supplies. Both units stack on top of each other and can be removed by pulling on the included handle. The Gemini power supplies are hot swappable, so if one happens to fail, the system can remain running while a replacement is installed, allowing for 24/7 uptime.

Silverstone Gemini GM400-S, GM500-G and GM600-G power supplies will be available on August 21. The 400 W unit will set you back $549.45, while the 500 W and 600 W units will be priced at $593.45 and $636.79, respectively.

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