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SilverStone Intros Mini-ITX Case With External PSU

SilverStone announced a new thin mini-ITX case, the PT13B-120. Unlike some larger mini-ITX cases targeted at gamers, this one is designed to be as compact as possible, and it uses an external PSU to further reduce its overall size.

The case measures 186 x 42 x 181 mm (WxLxH), and has a volume of 1.41 liters. The inner portions of the case are steel, but SilverStone opted to use aluminum for the outer case covering.

The exterior of the case is relatively clean. There are ventilation holes on the top and side of the case, as well as two USB 2.0 ports and a power button on the front. SilverStone also placed two openings on the back of the case to mount Wi-Fi antennas.

Due to the compact space, there is just one 2.5-inch drive bay inside of the case. There isn’t room for any other storage devices except motherboard-mounted M.2 drives.

One issue users might find with this case is that it doesn’t have room for a power supply. The case comes with a 120 W external PSU, and that enables the exceptionally compact case size, but it limits users to a relatively small number of motherboards.

SilverStone didn’t say when this case would be available, but it has an MSRP of $99.50.