Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Arrives With PC-Like Customizations

Sony DualSense Edge PS5 Controller
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has announced a new controller for the PlayStation 5 that adds a whole new level of customization to the DualSense controller, known as the DualSense Edge. For serious gamers, this might be the controller you've wanted for years. The Edge features several significant upgrades, including control profiles, fully customizable controls, swappable joystick caps, the return of back buttons, and more.

On the surface, the most notable change between the Edge and the vanilla DualSense is the new front cover above the joysticks, which is now painted in a matte black finish, covered by Sony's signature PlayStation logos in a glossy finish, and displayed in a grid pattern. As a result, it is the easiest way to tell if a PS5 controller is the Edge variant or not.

One of the controller's most prominent features is the addition of "Ultra-Customizable Controls," allowing users to remap or deactivate button inputs on all the control surfaces and change the stick sensitivity and dead zones at will. Users can also change the travel distance of each trigger for faster response times.

A new control profile feature also allows users to save multiple control profiles depending on their needs and the game they are playing. Additionally, A dedicated Fn button has been added to the Edge, allowing users to swap control profiles instantaneously in-game, or do other actions such as adjust game volume, check chat, and more.

The stick caps received an upgrade to be user swappable. In addition, users can now choose between standard, high dome, and low dome caps, depending on their preference. Sony also made the physical stick modules replicable when needed, which can be handy if your sticks start to bug out and you need to replace them.

Sony's announcement of the Edge controller also marks the return of the back buttons to PlayStation controllers. Sony began shipping back buttons on the PS4 DualShock controller as an add-on accessory. But Sony neglected to add them to the original DualSense controller when the PS5 launched.

Now, however, Sony has made a comeback, introducing back buttons as a default item on the Edge. Additionally, depending on the user's preference, you can equip the back buttons with half-dome buttons or levers.

Of course, the DualSense Edge has the same features as the original DualSense controller. You won't be losing out on features such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and motion controls. The Edge is effectively an upgrade to the current DualSense controller.

Sony will reveal the launch date and additional details in "the months ahead." So we should hopefully know more by early 2023 at the latest. But we suspect Sony will not replace the current DualSense controller with the Edge. Instead, the Edge will serve as an upgrade over the original variant at a higher price.

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  • kyzarvs
    Fab - if only I could get hold of a PS5 at something like a realistic price...
  • setx
    The main new feature is customizable controls?? Really? Sony's gamepads had fully customizable controls on PC like forever because people had to write their own drivers with arbitrary customization in the absence of official support. Nothing prevents extending the same "official" customizations to original Dualsense or even earlier.
  • gg83
    Finally a kick butt ps controller to compete with the Xbox elite. Now that I switched to pc mnk, I won't need it now. 4 years ago I wanted a controller with back buttons on ps4 so I bought that usb dongle and an Xbox elite controller. Game changer.