Sony's Dr. Richard Marks On PlayStation VR At Immersed 2015 (Video)

At the Immersed VR/AR conference this week in Toronto, our own Kevin Carbotte sat down with Dr. Richard Marks, who heads up Sony's PlayStation R&D, to talk about the company's recently-renamed VR HMD.

In his role as the director of the superbly named "PlayStation Magic Lab," Dr. Marks gets to tinker with the sort of tech that results in a VR HMD. He told us that work on PlayStation VR began in earnest in 2010, and that it was inspired by Sony's engineers exploring possibilities with the PlayStation Move controllers. For example, they stuck them on their heads to see about head tracking. (Put a group of curious minds in a room with amazing toys, you get creative stuff.)

Sony's Dr. Richard Marks On PlayStation VR

Have a look at the video above to hear more about how the PlayStation VR handles the considerable rendering requirements of VR, how it splits video to a headset and a TV, and how they reworked the Move technology to track its VR HMD.

Dr. Marks also stated that Sony will have a number of titles available at launch, from simpler puzzle games to shooters. He also explained how Sony's use of sub-pixels, frame rate, and optics delivers a 1080p experience that looks superior to other 1080p HMDs, which Kevin noticed when he undertook Sony's London Heist demo.

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  • Dai10zin
    "That makes sense."
    All kidding aside -- glad to hear they'll have the Playstation VR at the Playstation Experience in December; it's one of the reasons I signed up to go. Hoping to see that and 'No Man's Sky'.
  • Oldbutstillatit
    Sony is being smart about it, I'll give them that. Looks like they might just be the sleeper VR hit the industry needs to boost exposure while capturing the console VR market in it's entirety (whatever that will be). I'm rooting for them. I love my DK2, I play games on it everyday (both 2D and fukk DK2 support) so, anything that helps this newly reborn industry get cooking is ok im my book.
  • jrrdmchls
    My prediction VR will go the way of 3D. Pretty Cool, But who want to wear that stuff on your head? Anybody remember the Virtual boy from Nintendo?? lol