Sony Unveils PS5 VR Controllers with DualSense Features

PlayStation 5 VR controllers
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony is drip-feeding information about its next PSVR headset. The company today revealed details about the new virtual reality controllers it will be using with the PlayStation 5.

Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president at PlayStation, wrote that the new "orb" style shape will be just as innovative as DualSense. The design somewhat resembles what we've already seen from Oculus.

Each controller has the adaptive triggers you find in the DualSense PS5 controller, as well as new haptic feedback and finger detection. The headset will track the controllers with a ring on the bottom of the controllers.

Each controller has "grip" L1/R1 buttons and L2/R2 triggers, as well as an analog stick. The left controller has the square and triangle buttons, while the right controller gets cross and circle.

These controllers will finally put to rest the PlayStation Move controller, which debuted in 2010 with the PlayStation 3 for motion controlled games. While the Nintendo Wii made motion controllers popular, the Movo continued on as Sony's VR controllers with PSVR, which used their glowing orbs for tracking.

We've yet to see the next PlayStation VR headset, which could become one the best VR headsets for gamers, but Sony says the controllers should be in the hands of developers soon.

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