Sony's $900 Ultra Portable Vaio P Gets XP ...Finally

When we saw Sony’s Vaio P Series at CES, we didn’t really have enough to go on to make a real decision as to whether or not we liked it. When more details were announced, we had mixed feelings. Pleased with the specs (for the most part), but the price and OS confused us.

Packing a 60 GB HDD, the ultra portable ships for $899.99 with Vista Home Basic (don’t forget it’s dual-boot to XMB). Models go up in price from there, with options for SSDs ranging from 64 GB to 128 GB and an upgrade to Vista Home Premium. The $900 price-tag aside, lots of people wondered what Sony was thinking shipping the machine with Vista. As much as the company kept telling us “this is not a netbook” preferring to call it an ultra-portable instead, the last thing an ultra-portable needs is an OS that’s going to bog down the machine’s already modest specs. 

Engadget today reports that Sony is finally making XP a standard load on its new VAIO P model VGN-P50. Starting June 6th, Sony’s Japanese customers will also see a 2GHz Atom Z550 processor bump in addition to WWAN data as standard and an option for a 256GB SSD. No word if we’ll see the same options in the U.S. or not.

  • tehfluent
    One word... expensive.
  • zerapio
    Three words... I want it
  • igot1forya
    Who does Sony think they are? Apple? :)
  • tipoo
    The Vaio P is perhaps the best looking netbook out there, but that simply doesnt justify the price.
  • dman3k
    This thing shits crap like the PS3.
  • ethaniel
    I tried one and the display is a disaster. The resolution is something like 1600x600. The owner was considering to return it because "she can't see a thing" in that screen, and I have to agree. Good thing adding XP though, Vista was slow as hell in that netbook, no matter what Sony wants to call it.

    And they could use a chainsaw to do a price cut, like, U$S 500, maybe...?
  • starryman
    It's just for show to propell Sony's branding. Netbooks even at $500 are getting dicey with the price point at about $375. Anyone buying this is just Sony happy.
  • Hatecrime69
    tipooThe Vaio P is perhaps the best looking netbook out there, but that simply doesnt justify the price.
    they always seemed to me to be the apple of windows, ever take a look at their desktops? not a standard-looking one among them, and they actually out-apple apple, their most expensive system having just a core2quad where you'd at least get dual Nehalem xeon quad-cores :P
  • ahslan
    how is that NOT a netbook? because of the price tag?!?!?
  • antilycus
    Sony has already burned me too many times. I'd rather buy american then Sony...