Players Get More Credits In Another 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Update

DICE continues to tweak the gameplay experience in Star Wars Battlefront II, and it shows with a new update, which is available today. According to the studio’s blog post, its recent work focuses on changes to the in-game economy and overall progression.

A major point of frustration with players was that they didn’t get enough credits at the end of a match even if they were one of the best players in the game. DICE updated the system so all players will get more currency, with top players receiving even more credits for their performance. However, the studio didn’t provide a specific amount regarding the increase in currency.

Some players might not want to play online-based matches, and the Arcade Mode is a viable alternative to gain money. However, the studio placed a cap on the amount of credits earned through the single-player mode. Fans quickly reached the daily limit, so DICE raised it to allow players to earn up to 1,500 credits each day. The studio said that the new cap is three times higher than the initial limit placed at launch.

DICE also mentioned that Daily Login Crates will contain more crafting parts. This should help players craft the Star Cards they want to use in combat. As the crate’s name suggests, it seems that you would just need to boot up the game once a day to reap the rewards.

This latest update comes a day before the arrival of new content. The month-long event, which centers around The Last Jedi, allows you to side with the Resistance or the First Order and complete faction-specific challenges. New characters from the movie will also make an appearance in the game, and you can play a new chapter in the main campaign story.

For now, players can’t use real-world money to purchase crates or high-end heroes in the game. Prior to launch, DICE announced that it would remove the feature, but it would come back “after we’ve made changes to the game.” It’s not clear as to when it will return, but the studio’s updates ensure that the current system (without the use of real-world money) is working to its full potential.

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NameStar Wars Battlefront II
DeveloperDICE, Motive Studios, Criterion Games
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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Release DateNovember 17, 2017
  • redgarl
    However EA lose its credits... as being a legitimate company engaging in creating video games and not scamming their customers.
  • dextermat
    Once they get enough player pay to win micro transaction will be restored and more expensive than ever. Look at what they are doing to sports games right now.
  • derekullo
  • tamalero
    I guess those billions lost in stock really hurt.. right EA?
  • collin3000
    "oh baby I know I cheated on you, but I swear she's gone temporarily till I figure out a way that we can all be together without you being upset. Here look I'll give you more pretty credits in the mean time. Did you forget about my betrayal yet?" - EA right now
  • kuhndj67
    If they honestly set up the game to be "complete" as a non-microtransaction experience (which means properly paced advancement and rare/legendary loot) and THEN add microtransactions for people too lazy to play through the game normally I guess I could deal with that. The problem is that EA and other ALWAYS nerf in-game loot drops/experience/etc... to extract more $$$ through microtransactions. Like Shadows of War "Grind till you're blind" final act - they force you to pay to make any progress in the game.
  • phobicsq
    It's really too bad EA did this as the game looks nice. Sadly not enough people aren't buying this game as well as many others that have similar functions.
  • Olle P
    20447564 said:
    Once they get enough player pay to win micro transaction will be restored and more expensive than ever. ...
    I'm not sure about the part with P2W.

    After seeing how many cosmetic skins, races and stuff there are available in the game code I think the P2W was just a negotiation scheme from EA.
    Knowing that microtransactions to unlock stuff that should be included with the initial purchase wouldn't be taken easily by the customers, EA went one step further and introduced P2W with foreseeable consequences.
    Now they can take one step back and have microtransactions for the "free" stuff and have a sufficient amount of gamers accept it.