Taiwanese Idol, Linda Liao, Wins SC2 Battle

This isn't exactly the person you would expect to be a Rank #1 Diamond Player in Asia, but Linda Liao, aka "Pikachu", has dominated gamers worldwide. This woman does it all, modeling, acting, singing, and pwning noobs. What more can us guys ask for?

This Sunday concluded ESL's second female starcraft II tournament, crowning Liao champion. Among the competitors were 31 skilled girls from all over the world. Because of the success and response from the community, ESL is having another tournament which is expected to be even bigger and more competitive than the first two. Liao also promised ESL that she would come back and play in their cup again so she might be participating in the third tournament as well.

Check out the video below: (Head over to ESL for the translation)

Taiwan TV: Linda Liao

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  • 1ni3shi
  • skykiller
    There's a Asian nerd hottie with pics in the article and people are debating the Chinese language. Priorities FTL... :/
  • stingstang
    It was all good until I saw she was using a Mac. Ooooh how cruel the world is.
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  • jmchien
    nice =)
  • Anonymous
    Hot game girl with lots of money. The girl of my dream. drool
  • 1ni3shi