Valve Gets Spooky With the Steam Halloween Sale

Steam Halloween Sale

(Image credit: Valve)

Few companies acknowledge Halloween with more than giant bags of candy, a social media post and reluctant acceptance of the fact that employees are probably going to wear costumes. Valve decided to go a bit further with the Steam Halloween Sale launched today.

The annual Steam Halloween Sale will run until 10 a.m. PT on November 1. We're pretty sure there's no trick here--just the treat of discounts on more than 13,000 games available in the Steam marketplace.

Valve said the discounted titles include "top horror games, as well as top sellers, VR experiences and more." All of the games affected by the Steam Halloween Sale can be found on the Steam website until the promotion ends on Friday.

Discounts vary between titles. On the list of the sale's top sellers, the lowest promotion was 20% off The Blackout Club, but several titles are 66% off and other games shown on the Steam Halloween Sale page have discounts as high as 85% off.

There aren't many big sales coming to Steam for the rest of the year. Valve typically offers a Steam Autumn Sale in late November--which doubles as its Black Friday promotion--and a Steam Winter Sale in late December. That's probably it for 2019.

Nathaniel Mott
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