SteamVR Getting Firefox VR Browser In Time for Valve’s Index HMD

(Image credit: Mozilla)

This summer, gamers will be able to download Firefox Reality, Mozilla’s browser for VR and augmented reality (AR), from SteamVR. The browser is already available through the Oculus, Google Daydream and HTC Vive Viveport store.

Firefox’s head of mixed reality strategy, Andre Vrignaud, made the announcement via a blog post today, saying that since HTC Vive headsets received the browser in January, Mozilla’s been working with Valve to bring Firefox Reality to SteamVR.

Notably, Valve also announced today that it will start shipping its own VR headset, the Valve Index, this June. Clearly, Valve’s interest in the browser was not just about making Firefox Reality accessible to SteamVR users, but also about ensuring its Index HMD has the same capabilities as its competitors.

“With a few simple clicks, users will be able to access web content, such as tips or guides or stream a Twitch comment channel, without having to exit their immersive experiences,” Vrignaud said in the blog post.

He added that users will only need to log into Firefox once in order to share bookmarks and cookies between Firefox Reality and Firefox on a PC.

Those eager to download Firefox Reality via SteamVR can sign up to receive a notification when it’s by going to the Steam store and adding the browser to their Wishlist.

You can get a taste of Firefox Reality for SteamVR in Mozilla's video below:

Scharon Harding

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