SteelSeries Launching World of Warcraft Headset

World of Warcraft fans have another themed headset coming their way thanks to SteelSeries: the Siberia Elite World of Warcraft Edition Headset. The headset features illuminated runes, jet-black ear cushions, and a lightweight over-the-head suspension style. The company is taking pre-purchases now for $219.99.

"The ring of runes is where gamers can see the power of the headset," the press release stated on Thursday. "Players can choose from millions of color options that can also be saved in an endless number of audio profiles. In addition to color, there are options for a pulsating glow, dynamic lighting based on your in-game actions, or no illumination at all—the choices are endless."

The specifications list shows that the headphones have a frequency response of 16 to 28,000 Hz, an impedance of 32 Ohm, and a cable length of four feet. The unidirectional microphone has a frequency response of 100 – 10,000 Hz and a sensitivity of -44 dB. The microphone and general volume can be manually changed using the dials mounted on each earcup.

"The headset is equipped with multiple Dolby technologies and a closed-type earcup design that provides listeners with a virtual 7.1-channel surround sound experience," the press release stated. "Players are able to create and save their own unique audio profiles through the SteelSeries Engine 3 software by tuning their own equalizer settings, microphone functionality and much more."

If you're looking for something cheaper but still want the World of Warcraft theme, Creative has a USB headset on Amazon for $69.95 (wireless is $72). This set features oversized cups and padding so your ears don't feel mashed against your head. Also, the volume and microphone mute buttons are built into the ear cup so the settings can be changed on the fly.

"Communication during raids and in the arena is vital," Creative notes on the listing. "The wireless headset uses a professional-grade noise-canceling microphone, so you'll always be able to communicate clearly with your guild or Arena mates when coordinating your attack. Also, the microphone is detachable, so it won't get in the way if you're using the headset to enjoy your music."

In addition to the hardware, Creative also includes software that allows the user to customize the illumination, enable VoiceFX and adjust the equalizer. Users can also turn on and off THX TruStudio PC, bind commands to keys for quicker access and save multiple profiles. The headset is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and mobile devices.

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  • MrGulio
    Reviews for the non-WoW version on Amazon show their first run of the Siberia Elites had a fairly high number of defective units. Hopefully these don't suffer the same issues.
  • brandonjclark
    Ugh, now? A little late?
  • Steveymoo
    What is this? 2005?
  • Bean007
    Yawn. Other headset doing some promo for a game.
  • jupebobpete
    It should at least have a cool tie in with the upcoming expansion. . . Just seems kinda pointless?