Steve Jobs Rumored Terminally Ill; Shares Fall

Late last month Apple announced that its CEO, Steve Jobs, would be taking a medical leave of absence so he could focus on his health. The reason for his leave was not elaborated upon, but, as usual, the announcement affected shares and sparked a debate about whether or not Apple could run without Steve Jobs. If the company couldn’t function without him, some believed shareholders had a right to know the more intimate details of his condition so they could reevaluate their options. However, as always, Apple and Jobs kept schtum about what was wrong.

Today fresh reports from Radar Online say the National Enquirer (we’ll pause while you swallow the whole salt-lick) spotted Jobs leaving the Stanford Cancer Center center in his home town of Palo Alto. The report in the National Enquirer carries with it the headline “Apple Boss 6 Weeks to Live,” while Radar Online claims it has confirmed he is receiving treatment there. Neither publication seems to have information as to whether Jobs is receiving treatment related to past illnesses (a liver transplant in 2009, or surgery to combat a rare form of pancreatic cancer seven years ago) or a new condition.

The images don’t seem to be available online (at least, not at time of writing), but despite this, Apple shares are once again hurting because of the news. Cult of Mac reports that Apple stock is currently down about three points in after-hours trading and that it’s likely to take a big hit tomorrow when the markets reopen.

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  • restatement3dofted
    The National Enquirer is still at the base of all of this, which would certainly counsel against betting on the accuracy of the report, but a lot of other major news outlets are picking this one up, as well. Time will tell, I suppose.
  • plznote
    Like it or not he had a huge impact on society.
    Hope he recovers.
  • waynewarrior78
    I hope this is all a rumor...get well soon Mr. Jobs.