Super Talent Shows Its Super Fast PCIe SSD

Super Talent had its RAIDdrive GS card on display and on demo at the show floor here at Computex.

The PCIe card allows users to experience performance beyond the 3 Gb/s limitation of the current SATA spec. Despite 6 Gb/s SATA coming soon, the PCIe interconnect still provides superior bandwidth.

The current generation of Super Talent's RAIDdrive GS actually uses four Indilinx SSD controllers on one card and supports up to 2 TB of in a MLC configuration or 1 TB in a SLC configuration. Keep in mind that you get more capacity with MLC drives but you take a performance hit. SLC SSD drives also cost a lot more to produce.

Current sequential read and write performance on the RAIDdrive GS? 1.5 GB/sec. and 1.3 GB/sec. respectively--that's gigabytes per second.

Super Talent indicated to us that its future RAIDdrive will support eight Indilinx SSD controllers for even more RAID and throughput performance. Stacking multiple controllers together also allows Super Talent to deliver RAIDdrive GS' with higher capacities.

We were told that the eight-controller version of the RAIDdrive will cost less than $1,000 when it ships.

  • lucuis
    Unless it's boot able I am not really interested. Although props to the speed of that thing...damn.
  • What would be the price of the four-controller version? $500? $800? And what capacity does the eight-controller $1000 drive ship with?
  • JMS3096
    But will it blend?
  • blackened144
    Just release the damn things already... Ive been waiting of some of these to actually be produced so that we can test them here at work. In our clusters, disk speed is our major bottle neck. Right now we are testing the Fusion IO, but those are just not economical in 100 node clusters. Although with faster disks, we might not need 100 nodes.
  • Wow,that's like load a complete movie to RAM in 0,5 seconds!
  • eklipz330
    lucuisUnless it's boot able I am not really interested. Although props to the speed of that thing...damn.
    why not? bootable drives are awesome and all, but this would make for an even better media/apps drive

    they should make really low sized/cheap SLC based SATA SSD's, maybe 10gb tops, and use these for all the apps and media and stuff since it is big. so your OS will boot fast, and your apps wont even sneeze. sounds like an unbeatable combo to me
  • Kill@dor
    Gigabytes...not gigabites this time. YAY!
  • TidalWaveOne
    I don't see how most users are going to notice much of a performance increase in this vs. something like an Intel SSD.
  • hellwig
    lucuisUnless it's boot able I am not really interested. Although props to the speed of that thing...damn.Unlike that IonDrive or whatever it was, this is simply an entire RAID solution on a card, including drives and SATA controllers. It should boot.

    The IonDrive/IoDrive/whatever it was didn't have a SATA controller, so the BIOS wouldn't recognize it as a storage drive, thus it wouldn't boot.
  • grieve
    oh man, i wish i had indefinate disposable income.... This thing is smokin fast.